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Time Out review

by Wally Hammond

OFF THE BEATEN TRACK (Jaap Mees, 2000, Ire) Documentary with Billy, Tommy and John Barton, Ronnie Drew, Barney Mc Kenna etc; 65 mins.
Billy, of Trditional Irish band The Dublin Rogues, returns to Dublin with his two brothers after 40 years of absence (in New York, latterly Manchester) to record this doc on his father Tommy, "The Gentleman Busker". By all accounts, and there are many here, notably those of fellow plectrum banjo player Barney Mc Kenna (of Dubliners' fame), Tommy was a quiet, good family man, desirous of his boys to get a trade or an education. But music is in the blood... This likeable labour of love provides ample tunes, pubs and reminiscences for lovers of Dublin and Irish traditional music alike. (W.H.)